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The Best Reading Lamp for a Relaxing Sunroom

January 5, 2017
image of sunroom at dusk

Lighting for a sunroom is a little different than for other rooms. During the day, you usually won’t need extra light because of all the windows. So lighting will most often be used when it’s cloudy or after the sun goes down.

There are a couple of factors to consider, including privacy and the enjoyment of others in the room. Privacy could be an issue because the sunroom is so full of windows it would be easy for passers-by to look into the sunroom when a lamp is on at night. If that’s an issue, a directional lamp is the best choice because it minimizes the amount of light that floods the room.

If there are other people in the house who might want to use the room at the same time, it’s a good idea to consider how everyone will use the space. If one person wants to read while someone else wants a quiet, dark space to relax in, it’s best to have the option to only light the reading space. Here again, a directional lamp would allow readers and non-readers to enjoy the room at the same time.

These suggestions are floor lamps, but the same set of criteria could be used in choosing a table lamp.


Brightech Contour Dimmable Floor Lamp

This one is great because it’s both directional and dimmable, so it can give the right amount of light in the right place.


image of Areclia Arc Lamp

I like this one because the shade can be aimed toward where you need the light. It also accepts either 120 watt or 60 watt bulbs, so you can have softer or stronger light depending on what you need.

Full room light

image of Sterling Utility Floor Lamp

This is a more standard floor lamp with a translucent shade, so while you can position it near a reading chair, it will provide ambient light for the rest of the sunroom. It’s a good choice if you need the entire space to be lit, especially if you’ll be entertaining friends in the sunroom on gloomy days or at night.